1) From an aesthetic point of view, it allows for planar and uniform surfaces with no uneven levels or visible water drainage systems (grids or water discharge pipes).
2) In any season, a quick and easy dryinstallation method onto polypropylene on hard substrate or direct contact on soft background. The waterproofing floor is easy to inspect and can house electric cables and hydraulic pipes.
3) The gap between the floor and the concrete substrate fosters thermal insulation.
4) Frost resistant, it absorbs the thermal expansion of the concrete substrate: the floor will no longer "crack".
5) Safe from the expansion of attics, the direct cause of traditional external flooring.
6) The slight gap present between adjacent panels allows for the proper drainage of water.
7) Less load bearing in attics and on balconies as the layer of concrete slab and adhesive is not necessary.
8) Value for money solution, durable over time.

Kronostecnica is a full accessorized solution, available in different sizes and finishes.
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ISO 10545-3ISO 10545-9ISO 10545-12ISO 10545-6 ISO 10545-2
ISO 10545-4
ISO 10545-14 ISO 10545-13 ISO 10545-8
ISO 10545-5 EN 12825

EN 1339
ENV 12633 DIN 51130 DIN 51097 DM 236/89 B.C.R.A. ASTM 1028-07

Water absorption
Thermal shock resistance
Frost resistance
Abrasive wear
Length and width
Bending strength

Resistance to stain
Chemical resistance
Coefficient of linear thermal-expansion
Impact resistance
Static load
Dymanic laod capacity - hand object impact test
Dymanic laod capacity - soft object impact test
Bendind strength -
breaking force in N
Slip resistance
Slip resistance
Slip resistance
Slip resistance

Slip resistance

E < = 0,5 %
<175 mm2
+/- 5,0 % MAX
+/- 0,6 % MAX
Sp > / = 7,5 mm S > / = 1300N
UB min.



Kn 14,38

> / = CL1


Compliance with standards
Compliance with standards
Compliance with standards
139 mm2
Complies with standard
Complies with standard
S 10.000 N sp. 15
S 13.600 N sp. 20
60 6,3x10 c'

Centro lato - Centre point of sides 6,5 Kn
Test not passed

Test passed

classe 14

CL 2
A + B + C min.
> 0,40

> 0,60 WET
> 0,60 DRY

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